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Welcome to YOU(th) Decide

Hello and welcome to our new blog focusing on underage gambling prevention. We’re excited to be bringing you information, resources and actions you can take to help prevent underage gambling in your home and community.

Blog Focus

Our blog is created for you, our reader(s). Anyone interested in preventing underage gambling is our target audience. Those interested in reading to understand what underage gambling is; they’re our target audience too. Finally, being that preventing underage gambling promotes the health of youth and the surrounding environment, anyone interested in efforts to continue to improve their local communities are also our target audience.

Topics of Interest

Gambling is in the news, ads and now part of the fabric of the sports world. There seem to be an endless list of new risky gambling opportunities for youth, and we want to help keep our readers ahead of the curve. We’ll be covering gambling opportunities in our current landscape, underage gambling trends, and strategies to help prevent underage gambling.


We know how overwhelming all the news can be. We also know there are endless resources available, which can also be overwhelming. Here, each blog will focus on a specific topic or resource. This will give readers the insight they need, and connection to these resources to learn more.

This blog aims to take away the confusion and make using our resources easy. With each resource we cover, we’ll discuss why it was created, who the resource was intended for, when to best use the resource and how to use it to get the best results.

We believe it’s important to make things easy. Using resources shouldn’t be as difficult to work through as the issue they’re intended to solve. Our goal is to help others help others. Our discussion of resources will make each resource very simple to implement.

Contact Us

We’re always open to topics of interest that we may not have covered yet. All readers can email us at [email protected] to request topics to be covered in this blog and any other questions they may have. This blog is for our readers and we want to make sure we are meeting their needs. We are here to help.