The Big Game and Youth Gambling.

As the football season comes to an end, we might be gathering with friends to watch the big game. Placing a bet on a football board or making a friendly wager may seem harmless. We’re here to take a deeper look at what we can do to minizine risks. Youth:  We are learning to make The Big Game and Youth Gambling.

New Year, New YOU Decide

The next generation is often impacted and affected by issues and decisions within our communities. Messages promoting risky behavior through advertisements, the internet, and the behaviors of adults can become normalized with the constant exposure to our youth. Gambling harm can impact both adults and youth. According to a recent survey in NYS, nearly 40% New Year, New YOU Decide

Holiday Gifting for Parents: Nurturing Responsible Habits and Avoiding Youth Gambling Pitfalls

The holiday season is a time of joy, generosity, and family gatherings. As parents, it’s natural to want to make this time special for our children through thoughtful and exciting gifts. However, in the age of digital advancements and online temptations, it’s crucial for parents to approach holiday gifting with an awareness of potential risks, Holiday Gifting for Parents: Nurturing Responsible Habits and Avoiding Youth Gambling Pitfalls

Veterans Gambling and Its Impact on Youth 

We’d like to celebrate Veterans and Military Families Awareness Month for November. It’s important to bring awareness to our Veterans, especially how they can be amazing role models to our youth. It’s also important to educate families on how to address a Veteran’s potential gambling harm, and its impact on the family; especially on youth. Veteran Gambling Veterans Gambling and Its Impact on Youth 

Screens, Media and Youth Gambling 

Parents’ opinions, approvals and support make a difference. Therefore, you make a difference, and you can be a vital advocate for supporting your youth in avoiding youth gambling.

Recovery Month

September is Recovery Month! This month is dedicated to focusing on individuals and families in recovery from addiction. This is an exciting time to celebrate the successes and the challenges that were overcome on the journey of recovery from problem gambling and other addictions. Recovery  Recovery is when someone abstains from, or reduces, behaviors that Recovery Month

Brain Development and Gambling 

Youth have an exciting period in their lifetime. Their brain is going through rapid and exciting changes over a very short period of time as they prepare for adulthood. This is a time where risk taking is an important part of their development. It is a good time to support youth by guiding their decision Brain Development and Gambling 

Summer and Youth Gambling

Summer and Youth Gambling Summertime can be a great time to enjoy outdoor activities with our families. It can be a great time for our youth to enjoy free time and/or use that extra free time to work. The downside, with all that extra free time, is they may choose to engage in gambling. Why Summer and Youth Gambling